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5 best kids augmented reality toys in the world

Kids understand the digital world better than us. Their minds are ever – ready and open to learning new things and their visualization is way ahead of us. That is why augmented reality toys are in high demand these days and are swiftly replacing the traditional toys.

In this blog, we will discuss the 5 best augmented reality toys in the world, handpicked by us for your little ones to explore, play and learn.

1. Augmented reality soft/plush toys:

Kids love soft toys. Give those generic soft toys an AR twist. Bring home AR technology incorporated soft toys like teddy bears that interact with kids. These are smart toys that promote role-playing and life skills. Your child can sing along rhymes, read their favorite storybook, and enact in role-playing.

Let these intelligent pals help your child with their language development skills. These AR plush toys can move their head and mouth, and sync perfectly with the narratives. They can also encourage role-playing by acting as a student so your child can become their teacher or sick so your little one can treat them like a doctor.

This game will help kids develop empathy, improves their imagination, enhance critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

2. Augmented reality Magic Cube:

Hold the cube and tell your little one to spell the magic word- “Abra-Kadabra”. See your kids jump out with excitement as the cube transforms itself into whatever you want! Fascinating, isn’t it? Pair this soft rubber cube with a particular app on the phone. Your kid can hold the 3D visual and interact with it.

For free-hands play, purchase a VR headset. Various augmented reality games can be paired with this holographic toy. You can also connect it with the app and help your kid narrate stories. Your child can witness their stories come alive with the cube transformations. This is a perfect toy for our tiny tots that encourages their imagination as they develop their own variants of those same old tales.

3. AR Robots:

Kids go crazy over video games. What if we can add a tinge of magic and more imagination to this old-school toy? These AR robots come with three separate components. Each of these components holds a special power. So, when put together and scanned by the app, it becomes a superhero. Whoa! Hold on there’s more. There are nine such characters, all with three unique components. Let your kid mix and match these components and create customized bots. Shhhh! Let’s shape the “next Einstein”.

The physical bots give a feeling of real characters moving and fighting, where the actual game happens in the app. This highly rated augmented reality toy for kids serves to enhance problem-solving, digital learning, and imagination.

4. AR globe toy to travel the universe

Let our little ones explore the world with this smart AR globe toy. Its bilingual exploration has three modes- touch, find, and compare. Pair it with a device. With just one touch, our kids can learn everything about all the seven continents and countries, the people and animals, the core of the Earth, the solar system, and many more.

Help your kid learn the geographical and historical details of all the places on the Earth. Open the globe to help them experience an astronaut’s journey within your room.

5. Skipy:

Skipy is one of the best Augmented reality toys for kids that helps them explore their imagination and creativity. This mixed-reality toy contains a box full of stories, games, greetings and fun facts that encourages your child to draw and learn interesting facts about their creations.

Your child can choose from a large variety of stories, characters, and games to sketch and see their artistic creations come to life in the form of stories, fun-facts or games using its mixed-reality technology.

Toys are becoming smarter than ever with the blend of AR technology. This cutting-edge technology is paving the way to enhance and shape creative thoughts and cognitive abilities. AR technology not only gamifies kid’s environment but also gives them hand-on learning through playing experience.

With this tiny glimpse, its evident AR technology holds abundant possibilities in changing our lives in ways we wouldn’t expect, very soon.

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