Teaching Your Kids the Art of Story-Telling

Teaching the Art of Storytelling for Kids

Storytelling is an effective tool for learning and development in Kids. According to recent research, storytelling for kids creates empathy in them, helps with their brain development and lays the groundwork for the development of social, communication and interpersonal skills. Usher them into the world of story-telling to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.



 Good readers make good storytellers. Reading to your baby right when it is in the womb is scientifically proven to have your baby build vocabulary, stimulates imagination, and improves communication skills. If you missed that part, then don’t worry. Read to them now before it’s too late. Inculcating them into the world of books is quite essential for them to become an effective storyteller. Read along with them, narrate by using your expressions well to help them know the vibe of the book, make them repeat lines and interact to keep them excited. Share your personal experiences. As a child, haven’t you enjoyed your grandma’s stories? Think of those stories and share them with your child. Have them narrate it to you or your family. Over time, they would pick up this skill and begin to share their own life experiences. Become a fun storyteller yourself as you know how great copycats our kids are!


 There are plenty of storytelling events or classes organized locally either by libraries or other associations. Make them be a part of it. Let your toddler absorb a real and professional storytelling experience. Once they cherish this newly-found interest, you can enroll your tot into a storytelling class. This way kids establish and nurture their skills further.


Kids love the idea of gamifying. Using a hint of games in the storytelling process will seize their attention without ruining the fun part. One such amusing activity is String-a-long storytelling. Play in groups or just two of you. This game involves one of you to start the story, passing the story along to the next participant until it reaches a climax. Thereby, letting kids can use their imagination and creativity to build a story. Another way to gamify storytelling is to show them a picture, an object or any other props. Now ask them to create a story scene around the thing. You may not notice an instant interest but with time and constant practice, you are sure to witness your child instigate the art of storytelling in themselves.


 We know how kids love to pick their own toys and clothes. Likewise, allowing them to choose their stories that they wish to narrate. It is important to respect your child’s choices. You can also guide them by making them choose the right stories that are not too wordy, include a repetitive refrain, has a lot of scope for expressions and asks for audience engagement. This way they will be more interested in learning this new skill.


Now that your child is intrigued by the power of story-telling, encourage him by establishing story-telling in their daily routine for enough practice. Be it in front of a mirror or a bunch of few other kids, let your child showcase his/her talent. Story-telling for toddlers is known to develop confidence and self-esteem, helping them in becoming better communicators.

Assert no pressure on your child as developing a new skill takes a lot of time and practice. But do not forget to have all the fun and frolic while exploring the realms of the story-telling process.


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