Best educational toys for kids

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In this Pandemic, apart from work from home and fear of corona, I personally feel that many parents have been tested with their patience limits. Keeping a child at home is no less than caging a Lion; it is as hard as it sounds. Since schools are closed and there are no activities and school works to keep them busy, kids are forced to be naughty. Here comes educational toys for kids, In this situation, most of the parents prefer to hand over a smartphone playing their favourite cartoon shows to calm them.

Do you think that it will help? Without any doubt, it will! But the thing is, if they continue to feed them the same dish, kids will develop a habit. Surveys stated that above 90% of the kids indulge themself in watching cartoons for more than 5 hours a day. It will affect the mental health of kids for sure. Here come our educational toys for kids as a saviour.

Best educational toys for kids

On the brighter side, there are many numbers of ways to make your child engaged while learning new things. Today’s generation’s kids are smarter and handy when it comes to recent technology. And it is the main reason to use educational toys for kids. Yes! You heard it right. After understanding the kid’s mentality, these toys are designed which may include toys that help easy drawing for kids, indoor games, art kits and many more. There are many reasons to have a shot on these toys.

Best Educational Toys for kids provides Engaged Activities

It is very easy to take care of children when we understand them completely. With the above-said point how about providing an educational toy that is designed by understanding a child? It’s Bingo! Engagement, Education and Entertainment all three E’s at the same time. I am here to help you out in picking the right one for your child, So Keep on reading the blog, to find out the best educational toy service provider.


For children, education should be given along with Entertainment. Imposing education through a toy medium is not children look for. It is the point where many parents pick the wrong toy. Perfect educational toys for kids should have the ability to attract children by the creativity and madness incorporated in it. The toy should tempt children to use it.

Fun activities

 Why not make learning fun? Make your children develop new skills like drawing, puzzle-solving, and story creating with a toy that provides easy drawing for kids. If your child is engaged and entertained at the same time, then there is a possibility that they will learn things which make them entertained.

The Perfect Educational toys for kids

Many myths surround the word “PERFECT”, but I would say satisfaction is the only word that can define it. Skipy, the popular mixed reality games that encourage children to think and work creatively, it is the perfect blend of creativeness and technology. Their products attract children and make their wish come true with a touch of augmented reality.

Skipy focuses on improving kid’s creative thinking capacity by giving them stimulus through drawing, story creating, making them absorb keen details of information, increasing language proficiency, and most importantly some peaceful and fun learning with parents.

Skipy Classic kit provides easy drawing for kids

 The classic kit is one of the products from Skipy, which thoroughly understands a kid’s need and ways to make their learning fun. It works with all types of android phones and tablets, the toy set comes with a drawing pad, stand, variety of game cards, markers, and camera attached clip and eraser. The process starts from the child based on their state of mind they can select a game card of their choice and they can start building a wonderful story using their creativity.

Skipy Travel

 Skipy Travel helps children to draw various modes of transport easily. The incorporated mixed reality technology brings their drawings to life. Customized gifts are out of fashion now; let’s have some customized experience with Skipy.

Skipy Things

Questioning is the most favourite hobby of all the kids, the young impulsive brains seek for exploration. It is the best time for them to feed with adequate knowledge of things and their actions. Skipy Things makes the learning process possible by adding fun elements through drawing and bringing it to life.

Kid’s never-ending energy when motivated to use in the right way, we can find an enormous growth in their skills and basic knowledge of the environment. The step by step guidance in drawing and comprehensive English moulds the young brain to glue themselves with the Skipy toys. It would be the best birthday gifts for kids.

Skipy is one of the best educational toys for kids as it ensures your child learns through creative playing helping the young brains to think and act on their own. In this pandemic make your kid’s screen time worth using Skipy. It stimulates the creative ability of the kids and enhances brain functionalities.

Give a shot

Above all, investing in the best activity kits for kids, is the best foundation that a parent can offer, then why not Skipy? It is fun, modern, entertaining, provides easy drawing for kids, and what not?

Okay, let’s make our kid’s pandemic productive and of course engaging at the same time through Skipy. Gift your kid Skipy, a mixed reality educational toy, and give a try. I am sure that you people won’t regret your decision.

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