Drawing helps kids develop creativity & focus

Drawing the Road to Confidence

I call a friend. She’s an artist. She sounds tired and with a raspy voice, greets me. She tells me this is the first time she’s talked or moved in hours. The time flew by while she painted, and she forgot to take a break.

I used to wonder how artists sit or stand long hours and laser-focus a world of imagination on a sheet of paper. It’s practice. Deep, unchained, guilt-free and stubborn practice.

Artists need stimuli. They need a little push to draw, to paint, to carve, to perform. This is not something that we introduce to adults and hope they take to it. The art of drawing, for example, needs to be introduced during childhood itself. It creates an environment that cannot mimic any other in terms of creativity, confidence and concentration.

Imagine the boost it gives to a child when she creates something out of nothing. This creativity requires confidence, in not just accurately observing the physical world but also the heights of imagination she can leap to. During the creation process, comes concentration. She must stick to her intent, she can’t mess up the colours or the form, and she must see it all the way through. She’s creating life and for that, concentration is must.

We all short-change the importance of drawing. Drawing for kids is the first form of art they’re exposed to and it’s the easiest way to learn complex concepts.

There are instructional toys that work towards stories for children that entertain and teach. Skipy even peppers its stories with the right stimuli to nudge children to draw and push boundaries of the physical world. This sketch toy encourages children to take all the time they need. So they work harder towards their drawings every time, get more creative, and become surer of themselves every time they see their work take an animated form on Skipy. Their art becomes part of the virtual stories in Skipy, hence making the stories part of their art!

We just hope that these young artists remember to take breaks, hydrate and visit a park now and then to play with their friends.

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