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5 Kids Educational Toys to Improve Reading

Reading is one of the fundamental skills that one must cultivate from a young age. Inculcating reading habits must happen very early in our lives. As Emilie Buchwald would say “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents”. We as parents are always in search of ways and activities for our kids that can encourage and develop their reading habits. And educational toys are a great tool that supports learning through play.

Here are some of the best kids’ educational toys listed that will help your child cultivate a lifetime reading habit:

1. Educational Toys – Spelling Puzzles for Toddlers

Reading habits can be inculcated by improving your child’s attention span. Here’s the number one game that can help enhance your child’s attention span and focus. Spelling puzzles are simple cards with 3 or 4 letter words where the child is required to guess the missing letter. You can encourage your child to spell the word based on the images given on the cards. This is one of the best learning and activity toys that builds early reading skills and is designed to help children build memory, language, and comprehension.

2. Touch and Learn Books for Children

Touch and Learn Reading Toys are easily available in toy shops and online today. These fun kid’s books have learning modules with a voice response to encourage reading. Perfect for 3 to 6-year-olds, this activity encourages your child to learn and read numbers, letters, colors, music and much more.

3. Interactive Storybooks

This is another fun kid’s educational toy that motivates your child to become a lifelong reader. Turn your child’s storytime into giggles, laughs and lots of cuddles with interactive storybooks. These fun books encourage your child to read and even ask questions at the end to develop early analytical reasoning abilities. This is certainly an educational toy that will develop early reading and better comprehension skills in your child. What more! your kids can get their story time even on days when you’re tired.

4. Education with Mixed Reality Toys for Kids

Buy your child his/her own personalized interactive drawing storyboard. Skipy’s mixed reality toy encourages children to draw their own story and watch it come to life through a fun animated movie. Skipy has a kid-friendly design that lets your child explore the idea of story formation, understanding words and engaging in role-playing. With a variety of engaging stories and interaction capabilities, these toys are perfect educational toys for 4 yr old kids.

5. Press N Play Voice Toys

Press n Play voice toys are simple battery-operated toys that help your child to learn the alphabet and its sounds. These colorful toys recite alphabets and numbers when buttons are pressed. The best option for kids is they’re just being introduced to alphabets, you’ll find these repeating these words in a jiffy. One of the best ways to strengthen your child’s alphabet knowledge which is crucial in learning to read. 


Skipy is one of the best mixed-reality toys for toddlers that encourage kids to draw, read, listen, speak and learn interesting facts while they do drawing activities. Give Skipy a try and see it for yourself!

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