Games that Improve Social Skills among Children

Games that Improve Social Skills among Children

Witnessing your child develop his own personality, interact with others and make new friends is a proud moment. How fast a child adjusts to his surroundings is largely dependent on the exposure they get at a young age. Kids tend to learn by following the lead of their parents, teachers and immediate circle of people who they interact with. As parents, we play a big role in building social skills among children. So the next time, you decide to binge-watch television remember your child will pick up the same habits.

The simplest way to ensure your child picks up positive experiences that improve social skills is by exposing them to interactive activities and toys on a daily basis. These activities will keep them engaged and help them create their own friends and relationships in the long run.

Here’s a look at some daily interactive activities you could incorporate in your child’s play schedule:

 1. Pretend Play

Yes, we did it in our days as well. Whether it was doctor, doctor or thief police, or teacher-student, we’ve played pretend games with our siblings, and you should encourage this fun activity that allows children to mimic their real-life experiences.

2. Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is another classic game played by many generations. This game encourages social skills among children to collaborate and work together, follow rules, resolve conflict and prioritize the team over self. Introduce your kid and his friends to Hide & Seek and let them enjoy the game while creating memories that will last for life.

3. Vocabulary Building & Memory Games

Memory games have two-fold benefits. It helps the child develop his cognitive skills, along with social development. How many of us have played the word-chain where you need to remember the words mentioned by your friends and add a new word to the loop or remember Name, Place, Animal, Thing? Yes, this game is as relevant today as it was many years ago.

4. Art & Craft Activities

Kids enjoy getting their hands dirty. And if they get to do it with their friends it’s even better. Plan your child’s play date for a fun arts & crafts session where they get to make bead necklaces, wall art and greeting cards for their friends. You will see them sharing their material, giving ideas to each other and providing a helping hand whenever needed.

You can take this activity a step further by introducing fun mixed-reality children’s drawing toys or interactive tech games. One such fun game is the interactive Skipy toy that converts kid’s art into an animated story. Yes, with this toy you can ask each child to draw different characters that then come together in the animated video.

5. Playing with Toys

Whether it’s stuffed toys, racing cars or building blocks, learning with toys is always the fastest for kids. Let your child learn to share his belongings and also learn the value of them. Initially, most kids will be possessive of their toys and reluctant to share, but if you teach them to share from an early age, this process will be much easier. Your child will learn to happily share and give without reluctance.


If you’re looking for a way to encourage your kids to draw, give Skipy a try.

Skipy is one of the best mixed-reality kid’s sketch set in the market. This fun toy for kid’s drawings makes drawing more fun by bringing their art to life through digital stories.

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