How Technology Can Aid Your Child’s Overall Development

How many times have you had to pull away from your phone or laptop to answer your kid’s questions? How many times have they complained about being ignored or dismissed as you reply to emails and phone calls? We are all guilty of giving more importance to our gadgets at some point or the other. While the use of technology has seeped into every sphere of our existence, there is a real danger of going overboard. Be it the way you use it yourself, or the amount your kids are exposed to it. However, if used in moderation, there is a world of benefits that technology brings to the table.

Today, we will explore some of the benefits that technology can provide the kids of today, if used appropriately:

1. Intellectual Development

When a child uses a device or plays a computer game, they are learning to identify interactions between things, and begin to decipher cause and effect of their inputs. While this happens otherwise as well, technology helps them pick up these skills much faster. Today, children are able to grasp reasoning skills, process ideas and express them because of the superior intellectual abilities, built with the aid of technology. A child who hasn’t yet used technology may take longer than the average child in her age group to pick up the same skills.

Tip: Allocate a weekly time for your children to use technology. Build discipline in them from an early age so that they understand the ill-effects of too much screen time.

2. Leadership & Ownership

Young kids pick up key life-skills like leadership and confidence-building through games and other online interactive activities. Children become more confident and smart individuals from a young age, preparing them for the outside world, and giving them important skills that otherwise take years to maneuver. Give them the chance to become better with the use of technology.

Tip: Play some group online games with your children, try solving a puzzle together or compete with them to build these skills collaboratively.

3. Social Interaction & Sharing

Encourage your kids to share their devices with their siblings and plan usage in advance. This way they will learn to share and pick-up the all-important negotiation skills from an early age. Another way to use technology for positive development would be to plan play-dates that involve some exposure to group activities using technology.

Tip: — Avoid conditioning your child to think technology is a reward, rather incorporate its usage in small quantities on a regular basis, so that they get enough exposure to pick up the benefits, but don’t yearn for non-stop access.

There is no way to avoid technology if we want our children to stay up-to-date with the rest, but as responsible parents, we can help them learn to control gadget usage positively.

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