augmented reality apps for kids

How kids are learning better with augmented reality apps for education?

Did you know that augmented reality games have shown vast benefits in early childhood development? Highly interactive AR games or activities are known to give your child a realistic and lifelike playing experience. In the world of AR, a virtual world is superimposed on the real world just by having a smart device with a […]

Augmented Reality Games

The different types of augmented reality games for your kids

Reality beyond reality is the new trend. When the latest technologies shake hands with the traditional toy world, augmented reality games and toys are born. Just like the word suggests, these are toys or games which come to life as we play it. AR games give kids a magical feel of an environment where they can be […]

kids educational toys

5 Kids Educational Toys to Improve Reading

Reading is one of the fundamental skills that one must cultivate from a young age. Inculcating reading habits must happen very early in our lives. As Emilie Buchwald would say “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents”. We as parents are always in search of ways to encourage our kids to develop their reading habits. Here are some of the best kids’ educational toys listed that will help your child cultivate a lifetime reading habit.

educational toys for kids

The Best Educational Toys for Kids in Different Age Groups

Learning through play is an effective educational tool. As parents, we need to understand the vitality of educational toys for kids comprehensive development. Luckily, a lot of toy companies have developed such impressive toys with educational benefits that help kids in developing their minds and learning skills that can prove fruitful for their future. We […]

educational activity toys

Why are educational activity toys important for your kids?

Play is the highest form of research- Albert Einstein How rightly said! Isn’t it? Playing is the best way kids start learning. Kids love to explore and learn new things at a very early stage in their lives. As parents, we fill our houses with toys that our dear ones love to adore and have […]


5 Educational Toys for Toddlers Who’re Learning to Speak

Gone are the days when toys were just a means of keeping your kids occupied. Welcome to the new age of educational toys for toddlers, designed to stimulate continuous learning from a young age. These learning toys assist the child in developing specific skills at a faster pace. The best part is that these toys […]

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