10 Ways to Bring in New Year as a Family

5 Ways to Welcome New Year with Family

There’s no greater joy than ringing in the New Year with people who’re closest to you. Whether you decide to have a small get-together at home, visit a new holiday spot or put together your favorite foods, there’re so many ways to create a memorable evening of fun and festivities. Here our top 5 ways […]

5 Christmas Activities to Welcome the Holiday Spirit

5 Christmas Activities to Welcome the Holiday Spirit

Are you amidst flocked trees, red and white themed decors, snowmen, twinkling lights, baked goodies and whole lot of Christmas activities? Yes! It’s the season to be jolly. One of the most exciting times of the year – Christmas is here. It’s an amazing time to get together with friends and family to make that […]

Teaching Your Kids the Art of Story-Telling

Teaching the Art of Storytelling for Kids

Storytelling is an effective tool for learning and development in Kids. According to recent research, storytelling for kids creates empathy in them, helps with their brain development and lays the groundwork for the development of social, communication and interpersonal skills. Usher them into the world of story-telling to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. HOW […]

6 Must-try Indoor Games & Activities for Toddlers this Winter

4 Must-try Indoor Games and Activities for Toddlers this Winter

The winter chills have set in, and it’s time to get those woolens out for your kids. This also means that you’ll find them spending more time hanging around the house and indoors. It’s the perfect time to get your little ones involved in some fun indoor activities that they can do themselves or with […]

Games that Improve Social Skills among Children

Games that Improve Social Skills among Children

Witnessing your child develop his own personality, interact with others and make new friends is a proud moment. How fast a child adjusts to his surroundings is largely dependent on the exposure they get at a young age. Kids tend to learn by following the lead of their parents, teachers and immediate circle of people […]

The Role of Sensory Play in Your Child’s Development

Simple Sensory Play Activities for Your Toddler’s Development

There’s one simple yet crucial factor that affects the fast development of your child; be it their cognitive abilities, behavior patterns or overall development, and that is sensory development. But can you improve your child’s sensory capabilities at such a young age? The answer is yes you can. With the use of sensory play and […]

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