The Role of Sensory Play in Your Child’s Development

Simple Sensory Play Activities for Your Toddler’s Development

There’s one simple yet crucial factor that affects the fast development of your child; be it their cognitive abilities, behavior patterns or overall development, and that is sensory development. But can you improve your child’s sensory capabilities at such a young age? The answer is yes you can.

With the use of sensory play and simple educational toys for toddlers, it is possible for parents to stimulate brain growth and development at a fast pace. Sensory play is a mix of play activities that involve all the 5 senses enabling new experiences that improve sensory-related synapses and functions.

Here are some interesting sensory play activities for toddlers that you can add to their playtime:

1. Playing with Clay Dough

Clay dough has an interesting texture – smooth, soft and moldy, making it fun to squish in the palms and create unique structures and elements. Allow your child to play with different colors and encourage them to make new things out of it. Go a step further by keeping those mold away, and instead allow them to be as creative as they want to. You can make playtime more interesting by asking them to tell you a story of the elements they have made. Not only will they have fun with this new experience, but it will also build a strong relationship between both of you.

2. Mixing Paint Colors

Painting is always super exciting for kids. They get to be creative and messy at the same time! One of the funnest ways to encourage sensory development, painting introduces the kids to the concept of color and texture at the same time. Let them loose by allowing them to mix multiple colors and see the magic of creating completely new colors from the mixture. Instead of just painting on plain paper, you can also introduce new material like cloth, bowls or even wood. Encourage them to use their fingers so that they get to feel the texture of the paint and the surface they’re painting.

3. Finding Toys in a Sand Pit

Sand is a material that even we as adults love to feel. Give your kids the opportunity to feel this fine grainy substance as they try to find hidden treasures within. Hide some of their favorite toys and elements inside and watch the joy as they discover them one at a time. You can take this sensory play for kids a step further by asking them to group each of their findings into respective groups. For example, all soft toys need to be kept together, all cars together, etc.

4. Create a Tub of Sensory Things

There are several things that we have at home that we can use to create a tub of sensory activities for kids. Fill us a small tub with almonds, peas, beans and other lentils that have a unique texture and ask them to segregate the items into different bowls. You can add one more level of complexity by asking them to segregate by color as well.


The benefits of sensory play are multi-fold. Right from increased brain development to problem-solving skills and improved motor skills and faster ability to learn, you will see a significant improvement in the overall development of your child.


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