Technology is not just unavoidable, but also your child’s friend

Are new age parents afraid of making technology their child’s friend?

Generationally-different childhoods.

I’m talking about parents who grew up on outdoor games, and resorted to some tech-dependence during late teenage hood and adulthood. They got the best of both worlds. Now their children are exposed to both at the same time during the formative years. These parents didn’t spend their childhoods with gadgets at all so they’re unsure of the balance to strike with their technologically-inclined child.

Ins and outs of the parental mind

Parents are pulled towards the reflex passed down by their own parents of lecturing on the importance of outdoor games. So they regularly push the kids out to play with friends. But sometimes they give in when they realise how much more convenient it is when children play with physical activity toys for kids and interactive games on mobile phones or computers . They stay occupied and also safe indoors without constant supervision of understandably busy parents.

Not worlds apart

Contemporary parents have been taught to see the two worlds as complete opposites. But are they? They are different, sure. But the benefits reaped from two styles of play are undeniable. Sometimes the benefits overlap, and sometimes they vary. But they’re equally valid.

While we know the advantages of playing outdoors, here are the physical playing skills that progressive technology toys for kids encourage. An education toy like Skipy ensures that children draw with paper and pencil as well as use a technological device for their storytelling needs. Skipy becomes a child’s friend who tells them stories and draws with them too. Parents, that seems like the right amount of balance to strike, doesn’t it?

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