Skipy Classic Kit

  • Designed for children, Skipy helps improve their Creative skills, by encouraging them to Draw on a paper.
  • Skipy is a box full of Stories, Games, Greetings and Learnings.
  • Choose from a large variety of engaging stories in English, Skipy encourages your child to draw along and help them visualise the stories by bringing their drawings to life.
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Skipy Travel

Skipy travel flashcard is all you need to know about transport, simplified for the child’s mind.
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Skipy Things

Skipy Thing's flashcard is all you need to help your kid learn about objects and unfold the story behind them.
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Skipy is a simple creative play kit for Ages 4 and above.


We make children creators and not consumers of content.


Skipy merges physical play with digital content in to a single experience.

Skipy for Children

Skipy's range of mixed reality based educational toys gives children the sensory feeling of drawing on a paper along with rich digital content in a single experience that is fun, informative and entertaining. Bring drawings to life with augmented reality toys from Skipy.




Become Creative Story Tellers
Improve their Drawing Skills
Rapidly Absorb Information & Facts
Improve Language Comprehension
Increase the quality time spent with parents

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Made with Skipy

Skipy makes a child think, imagine and create drawings that come alive , Look what children are making with skipy...

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