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Skipy Classic kit

Our mixed reality based educational toy for the future artist and the budding storyteller. Skipy teaches children to draw and learn interesting facts about their creations.


Choose from a large variety of engaging Stories, Characters, Games and Greetings to sketch your character.


Skipy encourages your child to draw along, Follow the steps in the mobile app to draw and colour the character's the way you like it.


Skipy's Mixed Reality technology brings your drawings to life in the mobile app. Children watch their creations come alive and learn some interesting facts about their creations.

  • Designed for children, Skipy improves their Creative skills.
  • Skipy is a box full of Stories, Games, Greetings and Learnings.
  • Listen and draw all by themselves.
  • Enjoy as they learn.
  • Personalised for each child.

Use Coupon SKIPY20 and get 20% off

Use Coupon SKIPY20 and get 20% off

In the Box
Drawing pad
Camera clip
Game Cards
Marker's and eraser
Product Detail

Skipy Classic kit is a mixed reality toy that combines physical play with digital content. Designed for children, Skipy helps improve their Creative skills, by encouraging them to Draw, just as they would do naturally and giving them instant happiness and amusement by bringing their creations to life.

Device Support

Android phones and tablets with minimum 1GB of RAM.

How it Works

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Install the skipy app on your device. SignUp in skipy, Scan the QR code provided with the kit to register your kit and download all the content.
Attach the camera clip to the front camera of the phone or tablet. Place the phone or tablet on the stand.
Choose a character to draw, Follow the steps to draw and colour your character, Now visualize all this by bring your creations to life in the mobile app.
Download Skipy app from:


  • Great product
    I got this kit for my daughter from amazon, this is an interesting product as it makes you draw on paper and it magically brings drawings to life in the mobile app . Great product for the price it is offered.
  • Awesome Toy for kids
    Worth buying. One of the best ways to improve kid's drawing skills & creativity. Kids really get excited when their creation becomes part of life. Awesome Product !!
  • A unique toy that encourages to unleash the creativity of kids
    A very unique and engaging toy that helped my 5-year-old son generate enthusiasm in drawing and coloring. I feel it is a great educational tool in the form of a toy. I highly recommend it for your early learners.
    Subhransu Sahoo
  • Very creative kit and interactive app
    This is a great kit for kids. It helps them to create endless imaginations to create different characters n stories and play in an interactive manner. My daughter completely loves the stories she has built so far. She spends a lot of time on this kit n I love it ciz every time she is learning something new.
    Surbhi Dhall
  • Very good Human and Machine Interface
    This is very good educational product for your child more than age 4.
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