What can I help you with?

What can I help you with?


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Skipy play kits are creative educational toys which encourage children to be creative and also learn while having fun. From being consumers of content on mobile devices & T.V. screens, we are trying to make children active content creators.

Skipy play kits and Skipy apps are ideal for children in age group 4 Years to 10 Years.

Skipy play kits are creative educational and learning toys which creates unique experiences for children using mixed reality technology. Skipy helps build foundational skills as well as secondary skills in children who play with it:
Foundational Skills: Builds drawing and creativity skills by encouraging children to draw and play
Secondary Skills:Builds visualization skills, builds motor skills, teaches art of storytelling, helps in language comprehension, builds general knowledge, builds focus and attention span.

Setting up Skipy play kit for your child to play is very easy watch the step by step unboxing and setup video for each of our kits:

  • Skipy Classic : Unboxing&setup Guide
  • Skipy Travel : Unboxing&setup Guide
  • Skipy Things : Unboxing&setup Guide
  • Skipy WishBox : Unboxing&setup Guide

In case you face any difficulties you can also call us for support on +91 9972247778 or email us at [email protected]

TheSkipy mobile app is what brings your creations on paper to life, on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. The Skipy app uses mixed reality technology to combine the physical drawings on paper with the rich digital content in the app to give children unique new experiences.

  • Classic, Travel & Things Kits require the Skipy mobile app
  • WishBox Kit requires the SkipyWishBox mobile app

TheSkipy mobile app is rated Child Safe and suitable for ages 3+ years on the Google Play Store in following regions: USA, Europe, South America & Asia. The app is completely ad free and contains no in-app purchases. This gives children uninterrupted fun and parents confidence that their child is playing with a secure app.

Skipy&SkipyWishBox apps are supported only on Android devices.

  • Hardware Requirements: Any android based mobile phone or tablet with minimum 1GB memory
  • Software Requirements: Mobile devices with Android Version 5.0 and above iPhones& iPads are not supported at present.

You need an Internet connection to download the Skipy app, install it, unlock content and update the content. Once you have downloaded all the content then you can play with Skipy without the need for Internet or mobile data.

. If you have purchased any of the Skipy play kits then you need not pay for the mobile app. You get a code in the box you purchased which unlocks all the content in the app corresponding to the kit you have purchased.

Currently Skipy play kits are sold only in India. If you are outside India then you can download our mobile app from the Google Play Store and unlock the content by purchasing the app.

  • Skipy Play kits Available in: India Only
  • SkipyWishBox App Available in:India Only
  • Skipy App Only Available in: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States & Vietnam.

Skipy app is available in English only.

The Camera Clip is available only with our premium kit Skipy Classic. The camera clip gives freedom to take photo of the drawing without lifting the mobile device from the stand.
Travel, Things &WishBox kits do not have the Camera Clip and one has to take the photo of the drawing like you click a photo the normal way using your phone.

If you lose or damage the Camera Clip you can reach our Support helpline on +91 9972247778 or email us at [email protected]
Meanwhile to continue playing with Skipy all you need is to go to the Settings in the Skipy App and select App Only mode under Not Using Clip? Section.

Skipy gives you full freedom to draw on any plain white surface using any type of coloring material. You can use markers, sketch pens, ball pens, crayons, water colors or acrylic paint to color your creations. Just ensure the outlines of your creation is dark in color (black preferred).

Skipy encourages kids to be creative and let their imaginations go wild. For this purpose we have designed Skipy such that you can use any material to draw your creations on a blank white surface. You may use colored paper, play dough, playing blocks, wooden pieces, quilling or any other art form to make your drawing and then bring it alive in the Skipy app.

Skipy play kits are very unique educational toys that can be used by

  • Skipy play kits are very unique educational toys that can be used by
  • Parents who home school their children
  • Parents who home school their children
  • Art & craft tutors delivering activities for kids

Skipy play kits will give your art activity a fun element and also keep the child engrossed.

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