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Keep your Kids engaged using the Best Educational Toys for Kids – Skipy

In this Pandemic, apart from work from home and fear of corona, I personally feel that many parents have been tested with their patience limits. Keeping a child at home is no less than caging a Lion; it is as hard as it sounds. Since schools are closed and there are no activities and school […]


Why Skipy is the Companion Your Kid Needs Today

Do you know that our kid’s brains are designed for learning? With proper and early learnings methods, you can make them better learners for life. Skipy, mixed reality toys and games encourage toddlers to learn through creative playing. In this article, we will tell why. Skipy is your kid’s need-of-the-hour toy. A lot of us struggle to […]

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How Interactive Educational Toys are Beneficial for Kids

Learning can be fun. It does not need necessarily have to be boring. With technology invading all the spectrums of our lives, a lot has changed around us. Homes have become smart homes. Phones have become smartphones. And learning have become fun with smart interactive educational toys. Yes. Luckily, our kids are at the best […]

Keeping kids engaged at home is easy with educational toys.

Educational Games to Keep Your Child Busy at Home

They say “It takes a village to raise a child”. Alas! Where can you find that village in these times of nuclear family custom? Most of the parents raise their kids alone. Keeping those hands busy takes a great toll of effort. So, here we have curated some fun educational games to keep your kiddo busy and occupied all day long.

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Top Educational Toy Categories for Toddlers

Thinking which toy to buy your toddler? Nowadays there are a huge variety of toys available in the market and each one delivers a unique and different knowledge or skill to our kids. In this article, we will be exploring the top educational toy categories for toddlers, which give your tiny tots early foundational skills and benefits.

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