Why Skipy is the Companion Your Kid Needs Today

Do you know that our kid’s brains are designed for learning? With proper and early learnings methods, you can make them better learners for life. Skipy, mixed reality toys and games encourage toddlers to learn through creative playing. In this article, we will tell why.

Skipy is your kid’s need-of-the-hour toy.

A lot of us struggle to engage our kids with games and activities. Kids always need something new to keep their excitement pumping. We all know that the whole world is going through a tough time. With this pandemic, not only grown-ups but kids too are hugely affected. Confined inside the walls of their homes, kids can become bored and frustrated. If you are out of ideas and struggling to captivate and engage your child at home, then you must give Skipy a try today. Why do we say that? Here are the reasons:

1. Engrossing interactive educational games and activities

Skipy is designed in a way to glue kids with its impressive gaming techniques. They will be encouraged to draw as they see their creation coming to life either in the form of games, stories or facts. Kids are buoyed up on their own, Skipy educational games are that engrossing. There will be never a dull moment with Skipy at your home. The games inspire them to be imaginative by improving their drawing skills and making them better storytellers.

2. Enhanced focus span:

Attention span varies with age. A toddler must be able to focus on a single task for about 6 to 15 minutes. You can help your kids to practise better and enhance their focus span at an early age. Skipy grips their focus with its captivating game patterns that are visually as well as intellectually attractive.

3. Stimulation activity for better brain connections:

Kids need stimulation. That’s what keeps them happy. From one activity to another, kids can go on and on. Faster processing of information happens through better brain connections. Skipy invites interaction, memorization, and creative expressions. All these traits enhanced brain connections. Skipy shows your kids their imaginative ability. It can transform your child’s playtime into immensely fun as well as educational.

4. Productive screen-time:

Screen time is a major concern most parents have to deal with. In these times of pandemic, the time spent on devices has increased. Staying inside the houses and unable to continuously entertain our kids, we parents exempt this screen time for our kids. Do we have any option? Yes. Skipy. Why not make the same screen time productive and worthy?
Through Skipy, you ensure your child learns through creative playing. They will utilize their gray matter and put in efforts in entertaining themselves.
Utilizing kids’ endless energy in a better way should be every parents’ objective in this pandemic. Rather than making them sit in front of the TV or mobile phone, engage and play along with Skipy mixed reality toys and games.

During the pandemic, we may have become highly reliant of digital technology, but let us make sure to use it in a way that promotes their well being. So that by the time all this is over, we do want our dear ones to be screen-junkies. Give Skipy a try. We know you would never regret and thank us later.

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