Keeping kids engaged at home is easy with educational toys.

Educational Games to Keep Your Child Busy at Home

They say “It takes a village to raise a child”. Alas! Where can you find that village in these times of nuclear family custom? Most of the parents raise their kids alone. Keeping those hands busy takes a great toll of effort. So, here we have curated some fun educational games to keep your kiddo busy and occupied all day long.

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Top Educational Toy Categories for Toddlers

Thinking which toy to buy your toddler? Nowadays there are a huge variety of toys available in the market and each one delivers a unique and different knowledge or skill to our kids. In this article, we will be exploring the top educational toy categories for toddlers, which give your tiny tots early foundational skills and benefits.

virtual reality

Why Mixed Reality Toys are better than Virtual Reality Toys?

Imagine your kids experiencing a surreal and interactive playtime that incorporates his/her own toys or creations in a digital environment. Yes, you heard that right. It’s time to say bye-bye to virtual reality and welcome mixed reality. Gone are the days when you were required to buy a whole lot of complex VR headsets to […]

Advantages of mixed reality toys

5 Advantages of Mixed Reality Toys over Traditional Toys

Are you planning to buy some off-beat toys for your child? We know you took this decision seeing all those conventional toys your bought for your little one simply left on the floor untouched all the time. With a myriad of quirky and innovative technological toys, we are sure you wouldn’t go wrong this time. […]

Why Skipy is the Best Mixed Reality Game for your Kid?

Why Skipy is the Best Mixed Reality Game for your Kid?

Every parent in this world wants to deliver the best they can to their children. They want their kids to experience the foremost in any realm. Be it in education, extra-curriculum activities or even playtime. Mixed reality technology is one of the latest innovations that has marked its foot in the world of toys and […]

what are mixed reality toys

What are mixed reality toys?

Ever imagined your child’s fluffy teddy coming to life? Or their own drawings telling a story? Yes. You heard it right. It is happening. Our imaginations are shaping reality through mixed reality (MR) technology. Kids can now experience their own toys and creations become a reality and interact with them. These mixed-reality toys can change […]

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