Why Skipy is the Best Mixed Reality Game for your Kid?

Why Skipy is the Best Mixed Reality Game for your Kid?

Every parent in this world wants to deliver the best they can to their children. They want their kids to experience the foremost in any realm. Be it in education, extra-curriculum activities or even playtime. Mixed reality technology is one of the latest innovations that has marked its foot in the world of toys and […]

what are mixed reality toys

What are mixed reality toys?

Ever imagined your child’s fluffy teddy coming to life? Or their own drawings telling a story? Yes. You heard it right. It is happening. Our imaginations are shaping reality through mixed reality (MR) technology. Kids can now experience their own toys and creations become a reality and interact with them. These mixed-reality toys can change […]

5 reasons your kid should own the Skipy AR toy

Augmented reality toys: 5 reasons your kid should own the Skipy AR toy

Kids are hard-core fun-lovers. There is no denying the fact. But when it comes to learning, kids are fond of play-based learning. And why not, it’s their age to play and grow. Early learning has proven to develop skills in kids that they can use their whole life. Augmented Reality toys can enhance this learning […]

augmented reality toys

5 best kids augmented reality toys in the world

Kids understand the digital world better than us. Their minds are ever – ready and open to learning new things and their visualization is way ahead of us. That is why augmented reality toys are in high demand these days and are swiftly replacing the traditional toys. In this blog, we will discuss the 5 […]

augmented reality apps for kids

How kids are learning better with augmented reality apps for education?

Did you know that augmented reality games have shown vast benefits in early childhood development? Highly interactive AR games or activities are known to give your child a realistic and lifelike playing experience. In the world of AR, a virtual world is superimposed on the real world just by having a smart device with a […]

Augmented Reality Games

The different types of augmented reality games for your kids

Reality beyond reality is the new trend. When the latest technologies shake hands with the traditional toy world, augmented reality games and toys are born. Just like the word suggests, these are toys or games which come to life as we play it. AR games give kids a magical feel of an environment where they can be […]

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