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Why Mixed Reality Toys are better than Virtual Reality Toys?

Imagine your kids experiencing a surreal and interactive playtime that incorporates his/her own toys or creations in a digital environment. Yes, you heard that right. It’s time to say bye-bye to virtual reality and welcome mixed reality.

Gone are the days when you were required to buy a whole lot of complex VR headsets to give your child a virtual reality gaming experience. Through mixed reality, your child can experience the latest technological innovation by simply using a smart device such as smartphones or tablets. Yes, that’s all it requires. Further sophisticated MR games may require a hololens or transparent goggles.

Mixed reality technology blends the real world with virtual elements. You not only interact but also can manipulate these elements thus giving an extended real environment experience. Mixed reality technology can blur the lines between old school play and digital play. How? Let us explain.

Mixed reality toys vs Virtual reality toys

Virtual reality immerses you into a completely digital environment. Here, you remain detached to the real world. Virtual reality toys come with a head-mounted display and haptic controllers connected to the PC. Players can interact and play only in the virtual environment.

Mixed reality renders deeper and immersive augmented reality experience. Here a virtual environment is overlaid on the real-world environment. You can then interact and manipulate with these virtual elements anchored in a real-world scenario.

Kids may love the idea of entering into a whole new digital world through VR toys. But they will be far more excited to push past AR or VR by blending their real-world object with virtual elements. MR toys surely make virtual reality more believable. Your child will certainly prefer their own toys coming into life, telling stories/ playing games with them rather than shutting themselves up in a virtual environment. Won’t you agree?

We know how our kids love to be around smart devices. Through Mixed reality toys, you can make sure to give them a quality screen time, where they also experience physical play while in a digital environment.

Skipy- the best mixed reality toy

 If you want your child to reap the benefits of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technology, then think no more and gift your child a Skipy toy today. Skipy is a mixed reality educational toy that encourages a creative playtime.

Kids love to incorporate their imagination in all of there activities. When it comes to drawing, we as parents always encourage them to hone their drawing skills. But kids often tend to get bored with the traditional board/paper and colour pen style of drawing. Let Skipy bring on its magic by inspiring them to draw and also see their creations come to life using its mixed reality technology.

Kids are sure to love this box of magic as they unravel their imagination through the art of drawing. Skipy is easy to install and operate. It is extremely safe to play as parents need not specifically pay attention during their kids’ playtime with Skipy.

Skipy comes with a drawing pad, camera clip, stand, game cards, markers, and eraser. You can easily follow the instruction to set up the Skipy toy and help your, child, to follow the simple instructions on the smart device to draw the object/character of their choice. Once they complete drawing, you can help them by scanning their creation and see them coming to life in the form of stories, games or fact on the screens of the device.

Skipy gives your child the instant happiness and excitement that keeps them motivated to draw more and hone their skills. This mixed reality toy can be customized as per your child interest. Skipy not only encourages learning but creative learning through playing. So, this summer, wait no more and bring home this exciting and innovative smart toy for your child to experience a playtime like never before.

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