Advantages of mixed reality toys

5 Advantages of Mixed Reality Toys over Traditional Toys

Are you planning to buy some off-beat toys for your child? We know you took this decision seeing all those conventional toys your bought for your little one simply left on the floor untouched all the time.

With a myriad of quirky and innovative technological toys, we are sure you wouldn’t go wrong this time. Off all these toys, the one that’s latest and trendy are the mixed reality toys and games. Mixed reality technology is a perfect blend of AR and VR technology that incorporates our real world with the digital world and recreates a whole new environment.

We firmly believe mixed reality toys will be a perfect investment that you won’t regret rather than going for a bunch of traditional toys. Why do we say that? Read on to know some advantages that mixed reality toys have over traditional toys to help you choose wisely.

Advantages of mixed reality toys over traditional toys

1.Creative playtime

We do not say that traditional toys offer less creative playing. It’s just that mixed reality toys captivate kids with their never-seen-before features and manage to engage them in endless hours of creative playtime. We know that fact that kids need to be entertained and engaged all the time. While playing with traditional toys, they often get tired and bored, as it may offer less stimulation and excitement.

Mixed reality games render unlimited excitement that makes them forget boredom. It allows your kids to interact with their own toys or creation in a virtual world superimposed on the real world. It is exciting for the kids to have an experience where they not only put in their creativity but also experience technology at its forefront.

2.Enhanced cognitive skills

Cognitive skill is a collective term used for memorizing, concentration, attention to details and perception abilities. Mixed reality toys demand child’s engagement and their mental resources. It urges kids to used their grey matter to bring more fun during their playtime. These innovative toys stimulate their minds, which is rare when it comes to the traditional toy.  MR toys make them ask questions, think, customize, innovate, and discover.

Mixed reality toys hold their excitement for longer and keeping them engaged for hours. Been connected to the internet, these toys stay updated and change their features regularly, thus kids get never bored.

3.Improved attention span

Let’s take two situations here as an example. Your child is doing his/her usual drawings. You see them scribbling crayons on a few pages or simply poking the colour pens aimlessly. And bam! In less than 10 minutes they get bored and demand your attention or another toy only to lose interest yet again. We know! The story of most of the parents out there!

Mixed reality games make your child’s environment thrilling by incorporating digital elements into it. It is immensely dynamic that kids can go on for hours together playing with these marvellous toys. Imagine the same old boring drawing time become ecstatic like never before when they see their own creation come to life in the form of stories! These kind of stuff happen only in mixed  reality world.

4. Sparks imaginative thinking

Nurturing creative and imaginative thinking in kids becomes crucial in developing their psychological and emotional capacities. Mixed reality games spur their mind as they are free to turn and twist these elements in the real-world scenario, thus evoking their imagination.

This interactive platform build’s curiosity, critical and creative thinking. With the use of these toys, in a while, they will develop this imagination skill and employ in their daily life.  Don’t be surprised if you see your kiddo making strange stories over anything and everything around. That’s how it starts!

5. Stay current with the emerging technology

We all want our kids to be ahead in every realms of life. Be it schooling or playtime, we make sure to give them the best of what is available. Mixed reality is one of the emerging technological innovation that is sure to stay and have penetrated almost all aspects of our lives including toys.

Involving your kids in mixed reality games will help them keep up with the ever-evolving technological innovation. With the current trend, parents must think beyond traditional toys and select from an exciting range of mixed reality games list available in the market.

Skipy- Best mixed reality toys

Being the prime mixed reality companies, Skipy has filled the lives of numerous kids with imaginative and creative playtime. It is a perfect MR toy that makes kids explore and hone their drawing skills. It contains a box full of stories, games, greetings and fun facts that encourages your child to draw and learn interesting facts about their creations. Give Skipy a try today!

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