Why Skipy is the Best Mixed Reality Game for your Kid?

Why Skipy is the Best Mixed Reality Game for your Kid?

Every parent in this world wants to deliver the best they can to their children. They want their kids to experience the foremost in any realm. Be it in education, extra-curriculum activities or even playtime. Mixed reality technology is one of the latest innovations that has marked its foot in the world of toys and games. Mixed reality or hybrid reality brings you the goodness of both augmented reality and virtual reality technology. 

As a parent when you plan to introduce your child to this cutting-edge technology, with a myriad of mixed-reality games and toys in the market, you may find yourself a bit in a dilemma. Let us help you with that.

Skipy is one of the best mixed reality games in the present market and why do we say that? Here are our reasons:

1. Enhance creative imagination:

For kids to be creative, you need to let them be free on their own with a designated time and space. Well, no other toy but Skipy can deliver all of these and more. Skipy mixed reality application comes with a box full of stories, games and fun facts. Kids will fall in love with the way these games evoke curiosity in them. We mustn’t forget that kids are born innovators. Skipy serves to be the perfect platform to cast their imagination into something even more stunning. Kids not only learn to draw but also connect with their creations. Skipy activates their senses and helps them come up with greater ideas.

2. Boost cognitive skills:

Skipy mixed reality toy is perfect for kids aged above 4 years and this is the age when kids’ cognitive function starts to sharpen. Make use of this innovative toy that not only promotes physical activity but also gives a good mental exercise. Skipy lets your child draw things and characters that he/she can relate with real life. He/She then perceives a fun-fact, story or a game based on his creation, which stimulates their cognitive function. Skipy engages your child by strengthening their cognitive skills which in turn boost their memory and IQ for life.

3. Promotes safe playtime

 As a parent, you always make sure to keep your kids in the safest environment. Don’t you? When it comes to safety, you can rely on Skipy without any doubt. Your child can play indoors or outdoors without much parental attention. It does not involve any complex/dangerous parts that may harm your child in any way. With Skipy mixed reality games, you also need not worry about your child’s screen time as they are involved in controlled and nurturing playtime.

4. Affordable mixed reality game

 Unlike other mixed reality toys and games, Skipy wants every parent to be able to give their children the best technological experience through playing. AR, VR and mixed reality technologies are yet to enter homes of Indian families. Considering the cost involved, people are reluctant to adopt this technology and its perks. Skipy being a highly affordable mixed reality app envisions Indian parents to be able to bring home their product to help their kids build foundational skills right from their early childhood.

5. Encourage to become better learners

 By the age of 4, kids generally understand their own thoughts also known as metacognition. This ability plays a crucial role in making your child become a better learner. Nothing other than the art of drawing can promote deeper thinking and understanding in kids. Skipy mixed reality toys help your child perceive his/her own thoughts by helping them show what their creation can do in real-life scenarios in the form of stories, fun-facts or games. Skipy becomes a platform to see their thoughts coming into life which ignites them further to learn and implement.

Skipy mixed reality games can tremendously change your child’s playtime. It can keep them on toes and ultimately help them have the best learning experience through fun playtime.

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