what are mixed reality toys

What are mixed reality toys?

Ever imagined your child’s fluffy teddy coming to life? Or their own drawings telling a story? Yes. You heard it right. It is happening. Our imaginations are shaping reality through mixed reality (MR) technology. Kids can now experience their own toys and creations become a reality and interact with them.

These mixed-reality toys can change the way our kids think and imagine. After all mixed reality is all about an extension of your real living world. To understand the mixed reality toys, let us unravel mixed reality technology first.

Mixed reality is a spectrum from virtual reality to augmented reality. This is one of the recent innovations around extended reality. It blends our real world with the digital world and recreates a whole new environment. Currently, we have three different types of technologies; Virtual reality,  Augmented reality, and Mixed reality.

Virtual reality (VR) is where we can immerse ourselves completely in a digital world using VR goggles or glasses. Here you can interact/play/work in the digital world using VR tools. Augmented reality (AR) allows us to place digital objects into the real world using smart devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Suppose you want to try new furniture for your living room but skeptic whether it will fit in properly. Using AR technology, you can place the exact digital image of the furniture right from the store to your living room and know if it fits well or not. Exciting right? Wait for more. Mixed reality is even more interesting.

Mixed reality (MR) takes the AR technology to another level. It is also known as hybrid reality. Here we can manipulate the digital images overlayed onto the real world. Not only does it overlays but anchors the virtual images, allowing you to use your imagination and creativity.

Mixed-reality toys use this technology bringing more light and life to your child’s living environment. It can mesmerize their playtime by offering an engaging and interacting mixer-reality environment.

One such exemplary example of a mixed reality toy is Skipy AR toys and games. This set of mixed reality games and toys allows kids to feel and explore things/characters all while they learn. Skipy AR toys combine playing through learning making their playtime even more fun and exciting. This augmented and mixed reality toy contains a box full of stories, games, greetings and fun facts that encourages your child to draw and learn interesting facts about their creations.

About Skipy

Skipy AR toys encourage creative playing through drawing. Your child may love to draw. But have you noticed him/her getting bored often? Not anymore. Skipy AR toys will inspire your child to not only draw but learn facts and stories about their creations too.

 Skipy’s innovative mixed reality games and toys come with a drawing pad, camera clip, stand, game cards, and markers and erasers. Firstly, help your child by assembling the stand. Now place the smartphone and attach the camera clip. Install the Skipy app on your device. To register your kit, sign up and scan the QR code provided with the kit. Now let your child choose from the varied characters to draw.

An easy-to-follow step by step guide to draw the chosen character will appear on the screens of the smart device. Guide your child in taking the picture of his/her creation. Next, like magic, your child’s freshly drawn image can be seen coming to life in the form of stories, fun-facts or games using this mixed-reality technology.

Through Skipy, your child will not only develop a special interest in drawing but also be entertained with their own creations. So, go ahead and gift your child an immersive playing experience through Skipy’s mixed reality toy.

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