5 reasons your kid should own the Skipy AR toy

Augmented reality toys: 5 reasons your kid should own the Skipy AR toy

Kids are hard-core fun-lovers. There is no denying the fact. But when it comes to learning, kids are fond of play-based learning. And why not, it’s their age to play and grow. Early learning has proven to develop skills in kids that they can use their whole life. Augmented Reality toys can enhance this learning experience by making it fun and exciting.

This is why augmented reality toys win so much popularity. These AR toys and games help improve their digital aptitude as well as their cognitive skills. Skipy AR toys have been at the forefront of combining education and entertainment for kids. Gift your kid the best childhood experience with Skipy AR toys.

Let’s look at five reasons why kids should own the Skipy augmented reality toys:

1. Boost their imagination and creativity

Research says that creative thinking in the brain develops majorly during the early ages of our kids lives. Kids draw, tell stories, sing, dance, and write without any specific training. How do they do all these? It is because a child’s brain is free to learn and imagine things rather than being logical about it.

Skipy’s augmented reality toys enhance the child’s imagination power as they get to draw, paint, write and tell stories the way they want. Help your child be more creative by the boundless imagination AR technology delivers. Skipy AR toys encourage your little ones to travel beyond all limits.

2. Safety is important

As a parent, you always make sure to give your kids the safest environment to play and enjoy. With Skipy AR toys, you need not worry about the safety of your little ones. It’s kid-friendly and extremely safe. Skipy AR toys are safe to play and need less attention from the parents. No live wires or sharp ends that may bother you to let your child play with them independently.

3. Worried about the screen-time?

Kids these days use mobile phones, TV, and computers a lot, don’t they? We, parents are majorly responsible for this. Too much screen-time can affect their eyesight, liveliness, and thinking ability in the long run. Skipy’s AR toys are the best solution for this.

With the highly attractive and engaging AR toys, kids gets to play, interact, learn and have unlimited frolic all along. It assures your kid all these benefits of playing than just watching the screen.

4. Highly Informative

Imagine if our kids get a chance to feel and explore things they learn! Isn’t that more interesting and exciting than the old-school methods of learning? Skipy believes that augmented reality in education will bring a lot of advantages. These skipy toys can assist your child to read and write, take them to places, visualize things, and teach them everything interactively while keeping them entertained.

5. Easily Accessible

When compared to virtual reality toys, augmented reality toys have minor hardware requirements. Most often, the augmented reality toys are single units like a cube, a teddy, a globe, or even those which come alive from your phones with selected apps. Choosing Skipy’s augmented reality toys is the best bet over conventional toys for your kid’s fun-filled learning.

We at Skipy always thrive to make learning fun for kids.

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