Keeping kids engaged at home is easy with educational toys.

Educational Games to Keep Your Child Busy at Home

They say “It takes a village to raise a child”. Alas! Where can you find that village in these times of nuclear family custom? Most of the parents raise their kids alone. Keeping those hands busy takes a great toll of effort.

Pandemic is giving us all a hard time. Kids these days are addicted to TV screens. Why? Because parents seek this as solace in order to escape the pressure of entertaining them all day. Just when you retire onto the sofa’s after finishing all your chores, your little one prods you to play with them. Has it occurred to you? We know most of the parents would agree as they deal with such situations daily!

So, here we have curated some fun educational games to keep your kiddo busy and occupied all day long. Take a look at it:

1. Playdough

Your child will spend hours getting their hands to form various exotic shapes using playdoughs. There are numerous activities you can arrange with playdough. This is a great sensory activity that will enhance their grip over things. Initially, your child may not develop an instant interest. But slowly, you will be delighted to see their creativity forming various shapes and sizes.

2. Science experiments

We are not talking about hi-fi science experiments here. There are simple toddler experiments such a drop of soap chasing the pepper away, turning milk into the plastic using vinegar, watching vinegar dissolve the eggshell and many more to wow your child and increase their curiosity in science. You may be required to be with them (of course to show the experiment). But they will remain engaged for a long time.

3. Sensory tub

This is going to be a messy play! Fill a bin with rice, beans, jell-O, spaghetti, corn meals, etc. Hand them some spoons and jars to fill up. A good 30 minutes of playtime guaranteed by us. You will be required to sit along with them to make sure nothing goes inside their mouth. You can warn them ahead but supervision is certainly required here.

4. Puppet storytime

 Let’s make the usual storytime a bit more interesting. Use your old socks, his/her plush toys, and a lot of imagination to create some characters out of their favourite storybook. You will see them asking you to repeat the story on and again. This is a must-try activity for productive storytime.

5. Elementary puzzles

Puzzles are one such educational games that are packed with fun and lots of learning. Board or online puzzles, both can enhance their tactile and fine motor skills. You can buy age-appropriate puzzles for your child and participate along with them. This can be a fun indoor game when you are at home and kids need some brainstorming.

6. Paper and scissors

Let those tiny hands become crafty. Hand them some charts and a child-friendly scissor. You can draw a pattern and ask them to cut through it. They may not cut along the pattern but they will be staying put for hours together. Give this game a try. Also, with practice, they will gain better hand-eye coordination.

7. Stacking and sorting educational games

Kids love to stack and block. This is considered as one of the best developmental toys by experts. You will see them making buildings, houses etc. and giving wings to their ideas. This game requires very less attention of the parents thus you can relax and go about your business.

8. Mixed reality games

 Technology is making the impossible look possible. The penetration of technology into our kids’ world is giving us some major toy goals. There are some offbeat mixed reality, VR, and AR toys in the market that will keep our kids busy all day and jumping with joy. Imagine adding a little technological twist to their usual playtime such as drawing. What if they see their drawings coming to life in the form of stories or games? Yes. That’s the potential of mixed reality games.

Skipy is one of the popular mixed reality games that encourage creative playtime. Through this your kids not only learn to draw new things but will be encouraged to explore more as they see their creations coming to life telling stories or interacting in the form of games. Give Skipy a try today and see it yourself!

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