The Best Diwlai Toys for Your Kids

The Perfect Diwali Toys for Your Kids

Diwali, the festival of lights is a celebration to mark the beginning of the New Year. It’s a time when the family comes together to strengthen their bond and revel in festivities. Family members exchange gifts and sweets to begin the New Year with abundance.

There’s no better time to gift your kids’ meaningful toys that they’ll cherish throughout the year. We’ve listed down some of the best ideas for toys to mark the beginning of a new journey on your child’s life:

1. Educational Toys

Gifting educational toys to kids is the best way to mix fun, creativity, and learning. Whether your child is interested in art, science or math, there are a number of fun educational toys in the market that will keep peak his interest. Moreover, the child will be using his time productively as he will learn new educational concepts while playing, improving his brainpower and creativity simultaneously. From building blocks to drawing kits and shape sorting sets, you can choose one that suits your child’s age and interest.

2. Toys for Group Interaction

Today children are not given as many opportunities to learn to interact with peer groups as was possible earlier. Diwali is a great time to introduce your child to group games and activities. While traditional games like hide and seek and Simon-says are ever-green, you can buy interactive games like Pictionary, puzzle games and children’s board games as well. These games encourage kids to learn interpersonal skills and negotiation skills from a young age.

3. Technology Toys

When it comes to Diwali gifts for kids, one thing that all children hope for is to get something unique and different from the rest of the group. You can go a step further with the toys by buying new-age technology toys. A must-have for kids interested in tech and gadgets, there are several mixed-reality tech toys suitable for kids these days. With technology playing a vital role in our daily lives, Diwali will be the perfect occasion to guide your child on using technology the right way. Skipy is a smart interactive drawing kit that encourages kids to draw while converting their art into fun, animated stories. This will be a great buy this Diwali.

4. Toys for Improved Motor Skills

Kids are highly moldable at their tender age. It is easy for them to pick up new skills and interests if they’re exposed to them at early age. Fine motor skills are especially important to improve coordination and interaction between the mind and muscle. This Diwali, you can encourage your child to learn to draw, with fun learning kits like the Skipy drawing kits, a good option to encourage your child to draw; you could also introduce them to clay dough to encourage them to make new shapes or bead making, another activity that requires close attention and fine motor capabilities.


While Diwali is usually about fun and flamboyance, this year you could add a dash of extra meaning to it by gifting your child meaningful yet entertaining toys that will help them learn new ideas and concepts in an enjoyable surrounding.

Wishing you a Happy Diwali from the entire team at Skipy!


Skipy is one of the best mixed-reality based drawing toys for toddlers that encourages kids to draw and bring their drawings to life through digital stories. If you’re looking for a way to encourage your kids to draw, give Skipy a try!

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