5 Educational Toys for Toddlers Who’re Learning to Speak

Gone are the days when toys were just a means of keeping your kids occupied. Welcome to the new age of educational toys for toddlers, designed to stimulate continuous learning from a young age. These learning toys assist the child in developing specific skills at a faster pace. The best part is that these toys are designed to encourage active participation, making learning fun and interactive rather than something that’s dreaded.

Top Categories of Educational Toys for Toddlers – A Must Know for Every Parent

In this article, we deep dive into some of the fun educational toys for toddlers who’re learning to speak. These talking toys and simple word games will grow your kid’s vocabulary and encourage her to have conversations more and more:

1. Toys That Talk

Even we had talking toys as kids, and they continue to work their wonder on kids even today. Yes, the good ol’ battery-operated talking parrot that repeats a few words or a talking doll is time-proven teaching toys that help kids pick up certain phrases and words by the simple practice of repeated exposure. As children are very good mimics, they tend to pick up words that they’re repeatedly exposed to.

2.  Musical Toys

Music is said to have a positive impact on the growth and development of children right from the time they’re in their mother’s womb. This positive impact continues into the early years of development as well. Having electronic learning toys that recite nursery rhymes, alphabets or numbers will acquaint your child with these concepts from a young age. You’ll also notice that they’ll soon start picking up the tunes of these rhymes and try to sing them as well. Guess what, this is one quick way of making them comfortable with communicating.

3. A Baby Mobile

A baby mobile phone or a toy mobile phone comes with a few buttons that your child can press and play with. Today, kids are exposed to mobiles right from the time they’re born, they see their parent s and mothers having conversations over the phone and are keen observers. Give them a toy mobile phone and watch them replicate your conversational style. Not only is it entertaining, but this is a sign of your child learning conversational skills and creativity.

4. Mixed Reality Toys

As technology progresses, there are more and more exciting options that encourage learning with toys. Mixed reality toys are smart interactive toys that require your child to perform a task and convert the same into a digital asset. A good example of this is the Skipy drawing toy that converts your child’s drawing into interesting short animated stories. Not only will your child learn conversational tricks from this game, but they also get to practice drawing and story-telling, all in one.

5. Picture Puzzles

Picture puzzles are fun learning toys for kids that take them to the next level of cognitive development. As the children try to match the image with its pair, they’ll also be mentally tagging or naming these images. This exercise not only encourages them to associate words with things but to also use them proactively in their speech and conversation.

6. Bonus Point – Rhyming Words

Rhyming words are a bonus speech improvement activity that can be performed by parents with their kids. In this fun game of speed ask your kid to come up with a rhyming word for a trigger word you provide. It doesn’t matter if the word has meaning or not, initially, this is just a method to get them to use their vocabulary proactively.


Every child is unique in their approach to speaking and starting to use words. As parents, we can provide them the most conducive environment to get them started. The process of language development and speech starts and home, and these are some fun ways to educate your child to speak, without it becoming a tasking activity.

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