10 Ways to Bring in New Year as a Family

5 Ways to Welcome New Year with Family

There’s no greater joy than ringing in the New Year with people who’re closest to you. Whether you decide to have a small get-together at home, visit a new holiday spot or put together your favorite foods, there’re so many ways to create a memorable evening of fun and festivities. Here our top 5 ways to welcome New Year 2020.

1. Plan a Night in with the Kids

It’s the beginning of the New Year and a great time to bring the holiday cheer right to your doorstep. Make this a big day where you get together with your kids to plan a special evening of food and celebration. Your children could come up with a theme and decorate your home, also they can decide the menu for the evening. The best part is they can create some fun games and family activities that everyone can participate in.

2. Spend the Evening Outdoors

New Year is the time when the entire city is lit up, be it the malls, restaurants and even parks. Allow your children to revel in this festive cheer, let them know that it’s a time of celebration and new beginnings. Show them that New Year is in fact something to be enjoyed and celebrated. This way, they will also look forward to the new beginning and a fresh start. You could visit the mall and take in the décor or go to your favorite restaurant and then end the day with a nice long drive till the clock strikes 12.

3. Create a New Year Family Tradition

Whether its drawing cards with specials wishes and promises for each other or playing your favorite karaoke songs or just watching your favorite cartoons, it’s always a good idea to have a New Year tradition that your children grow up with. Not only do these traditions create long lasting memories but they may be carried forward by the new generation as well.

Another hi-tech fun activity could be used mixed-reality drawing toys, like Skipy for example to do a fun activity together. Get your kid and his friends to draw some fun elements using the Skipy mixed-reality smart toy, and together all of you can watch the fun animated stories that the app creates.

4. Welcome New Year around the World

Another fun kids activity is where you can teach your kids about the world while also celebrating as each country welcomes the New Year. The ideal way to do this would be by setting the clocks in your house to 5 different time zones. And each time it strikes 12 you have a small celebratory dance. One key point here is, you can choose time-zones that that are a few hours apart so that the fun continues through the day.

5. Spread the Cheer

New Year is a time for retrospection as well and a chance to give back to those who aren’t as lucky as us. You could also create a fun activity that could be about giving back. So something simple, like asking your children to select a few toys from their collection that they would like to give the needy or even help you choose children’s books they would like to donate are some unique ways to build engagement and compassion in your child.


2020 is not only the mark of a new year but also a new decade, so whatever activity you choose to do as long as it brings the family closer together,  we’re sure it’s going to be fantastic! Wishing all of you a very Happy 2020.

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