Enabling Kids to Thrive in a Connected World

Enabling Kids to Thrive in a Connected World

Technology is viewed as ‘the big bad wolf’ by most parents today. There’s a sense of anxiousness and confusion regarding the usage of technology and connected devices by kids. Is it going to have a negative impact on the child’s development, will they grow up to be tech addicts, how much time on gadgets is too much, will they thrive in a connected world; there are way too many unanswered questions.

The result being many kids aren’t exposed to healthy usage of tech devices. But how long can parents ignore the many benefits that these devices provide, especially in a day and age when almost all of our daily activities are deeply connected with tech. Isn’t it then necessary that as parents’ we guide our children on healthy usage of technology?

Here are some easy pointers that will help you introduce your child to technology in a healthy manner and enable them thrive in a connected world:

1. Set a Schedule for Screen-time

Like with every parenting activity, having a set of guidelines for screen time will help the child understand that using digital devices is similar to other activities like playing outdoors, reading, cooking or family time. This way they will not view it as something to be craved for.

2. Keep a Track of Their Online Activities

Whether the child is watching cartoons on youtube or playing a game on your mobile, make sure you keep track of what they are doing online. Ideally, it’s best to have a child lock activated so that they don’t have the option of browsing additional information.

3. Encourage Playing Interactive Online Games

There are many interactive toys and games in the market where kids can play group games or participate in fun activities together. This way the child learns to share and engage with others while online, rather than just individually watching something online. You could check out the Skipy app, one of the best interactive yet education toys in India, where children get to draw elements that then become part of a cartoon. You could also join in, and help them come up with fun things to draw.

4. Set the Right Example

Children look to adults and mimic their behavior. So, setting the right example for them will ensure half the job done. Limit your technology time, be aware of the time you spend on your devices and follow the same principles that you want your child to learn. More importantly, be present for your child as much as possible rather than cutting off to use technology.

5. Saying ‘No’ is Equally Important

Rules once made should be strictly adhered to. Don’t give in to their repeated pleading or requests for additional time. Let them know that rules are made for a reason and should be followed religiously.


Remember that technology is a part of our daily routine today, and the only way to ensure it’s introduced safely to the kids is by treating it the same way you would with any other activity you want your kid to learn. So happy parenting!

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