How to Foster Creativity, Skills and Confidence in Kids

As parents, we tend to be over-protective of our kids. Always keeping an eye on what they’re doing and how their time is being utilized. Kids hardly get a chance to express what they’re feeling, share their point of view or their ideas whole-heartedly. And that’s where the creative expression comes into play. Creativity allows kids to showcase who they are in their entirety. The ability to be creative and create something from their personal experience can be highly beneficial to a child’s mental growth. There’s nothing more fulfilling than having the ability to express without judgment.

Here are some easy ways to foster your child’s creativity from a young age:

1. Create an Open Environment for Expression

It is important to create an environment that encourages mistakes and faults. Show your child that you’re open listening to their thoughts and ideas, give them an opportunity to speak their mind and encourage their unique questions. Help your child feel safe about expressing themselves creatively without the fear of being reprimanded.

2. Provide Opportunity for a Variety of Physical Activities

Give your child a variety of options to be creative. Building blocks, arts and crafts and learning with toys are the standard tools used for creativity. Try to think out of the box, use music, dance, gardening, cooking or other activities that you feel your child has an inclination towards. You could even introduce some early interactive tech toys for kids with active supervision at this time.

3. Encourage Intellectual Thoughts & Emotional Development

While your child is drawing or doing other play activities encourage their thoughts, ask them questions that will help them come up with creative ideas independently. Allow them to think of multiple solutions and suggestions to one problem. Show them that they have the ability to create something completely on their own. Use words like ‘invent’, ‘create’, ‘imagine’, ‘design’ to further boost their creative capabilities. Even while using some of the best drawing toys for toddlers, a parent’s encouragement can bring about much better results.

4. Share Feedback Openly & Allow for Healthy Discussion

If you feel your child is talented, don’t hold back your thoughts. Show them your appreciation and help build their confidence in their abilities. Tell them what exactly you found unique and how they could further improve. Showing such interest in a child’s art makes them feel important and that their work matters. You could also ask your child to explain what they liked and disliked about their work. Encourage thoughts and build a structure for thinking. This will make them more aware of their work in the future as well.

5. Avoid the Carrot & Stick Method of Motivation

While it may be common practice to reward a child for good behavior, using the same technique for creativity may not be a good idea. In their early stage of development, children should be focused on self-improvement, rather than competition and comparison with any other kind of external motivation factors. Even if the kid uses some of the best learning toys for preschoolers, their upbringing and exposure to creativity at an early age define how creative they are in future as well.

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