Why You Should Encourage your Child to Draw

Children are brimming with ideas, constantly questioning everything and searching for answers everywhere. But with their verbal abilities still developing, drawing becomes their primary outlet to express their thoughts and to communicate with the rest of us.

If you look at your child’s early drawings, they tend to be pretty elaborate, unique and original, uncorrupted by our set standards. This method of expression, however, wanes with time, and kids who showed early signs of superior creativity and motor skills tend to lose interest in this art form. Well, drawing is a fundamental skill and has multiple benefits if honed from a young age.

1. Help Your Child Express Better

Children don’t know how to express their thoughts or feelings in words. But through drawing they can express these moments. They can easily draw an angry face, a happy face, a happy family or a sad feeling. These drawings further improve their understanding of complex emotions and get them attuned to emotional intelligence. So, even if you can’t have a conversation with your child, you can understand what they’re feeling by encouraging them to draw.

2. Track Your Child’s Cognitive Growth

Letting your child draw from a young age is the best way to ensure fast hand-eye coordination and overall motor improvements. Your kid may start off with scribbles and disjointed scratches. But if they continue drawing regularly, you will notice them begin to draw actual structures, things and other items they see on a regular basis.

3. Improve Their Problem-Solving Abilities

When a child is drawing something, he owns it completely. He is the decision-maker of the process, deciding where to draw a line, where to draw a curve etc. The entire process of drawing requires the child to make decisions, and create something independently. Over time, they are able to build confidence and a sense of ownership of their abilities. When you ask a kid to explain what they have drawn, you will get a glimpse into their thought process of how they came up with that particular artwork.

4. Prepare for Institutional Learning

Drawing is the beginning of logical thinking in kids. As they grow, they are required to depend on their logical reasoning capabilities more and more in order to survive in the world. A simple grasp on taking time out to plan and do an activity from start to finish on their own is big progress in the kid’s life. This will prepare them for school, help them understand their responsibilities and reciprocate to the instructions of teachers, parent and other people in authority.

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These are just some of the reasons to allow your child to draw, there are many more benefits of drawing for children. So, if you’ve been thinking of reprimanding your kid for drawing on the walls and going crazy with their color pencils, maybe it’s time to let them carry on for a while longer!

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