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4 Best Educational Toys in India for Toddlers

Toys become the first medium of learning in kids. Do you remember, how toys as simple as those colourful rattles, taught our two-month olds to grip, shake and create sounds? Toys give our kids a direct experience with the world. There are a huge variety of toys available in the market and each of which delivers unique and different knowledge to our kids. In this article, let’s explore the top 5 best educational toys in India for your tiny tots to play and learn.

4 Best Educational toys in India for Toddlers

Kids love toys. They get intimidated by the colours, shapes and sound. Educational toys have the power to stimulate their grey matter and develop their cognitive abilities. If you think educational toys are only about alphabets and numerical, then we are here to prove you wrong.

Educational activity toys help your child become better learners. They are a pathway that can, later on, enhance their learning abilities. These toys can make your kids feel no pressure of learning. They hone new skills all while playing and having fun unlimited. Let’s take you to a few handpicked educational toys that are a must for your toddlers.

1. Stacking and building blocks toys

These are one of the very first toys we buy our kids without knowing its intellectual capacity. You may wonder what a child can probably learn by simply stacking blocks or building objects? This mere stacking and sorting help them shape their imagination, show how a task is done, and establish questioning skills. Above all, their motor skill development and hand-eye coordination amplify. Don’t get surprised if they make their own houses or castles out of those simple blocks. That’s the potential of construction play.

2.Pretend Play toys

Kids love role-playing. They can be your teacher, student, doctor, nurse, patient or even you. Buy them a kitchen set and ask your child to serve you some tea. You will be amazed to see how keenly he/she has been observing you as your child mocks you at their own kitchen. There are a lot of pretend play toys available in the market. From doctor set to teacher set, ice-cream shop to mechanic tools, you can give your child experience real-life roles right at your home. These are physical activity toys that enhance problem-solving skills in kids. And guess what? Even if you get exhausted, we bet, they are going to go on and on.

3.Creative art and craft kits

Even we as kids loved craftworks, didn’t we? Give your child a craft paper, pen and child-safe scissors. See them jumping with joy as those little hands form exotic shapes. Do node along and appreciate their effort. Because that’s how they will stay motivated to cast their imagination into crafts. Hand them some marshmallows or cotton balls dipped in colours and see how they become little MF Hussain painting rainbow colours all over. Watch out for your walls before it becomes their canvas. There are a lot of art and craft toys and activities for your kids to engage and have fun. Be sure to choose them according to their age.

  • Musical Toy Instruments

The essence of music in your child’s life can grow and develop their memory while enhancing their social skills. Gift them a toy drum and see them going for hours bashing and laughing. Xylophones are yet another famous toy instrument that is loved by kids. They get attracted by the rainbow colours and soothing sound it makes. There are toy pianos, guitars, and even trumpets that kids can enjoy composing their own tunes.

4.Mixed reality toys

One of the latest and cutting-edge educational toy that is well-loved by kids is the mixed-reality toys. These are toys that are technologically innovated to bring forth a virtual element in the real world. Have we got you confused? Let’s keep it simple. We know kids love to draw and create their own shapes and characters. Why not add an extra twist to their traditional drawing by adding a tint of mixed-reality technology into it. Imagine your child’s drawings coming to life on a smart device screen in the form of story, games or facts? That’s what mixed-reality toys and games are all about. It simply grabs your child’s attention by keeping them engaged for hours. Skipy is one such innovative mixed-reality toy that encourages your child to draw, learn and play as they see their own creation coming to life.

As a parent, gifting your child these simple educational toys listed above can be one of the best things to do for your little one. Let your child be engrossed in the goodness of these toys. Become a part of it. Innovate and engage along with them. Because nothing else but YOU are your child’s best toy! Make sure to be the best one! Happy parenting!

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