6 Must-try Indoor Games & Activities for Toddlers this Winter

4 Must-try Indoor Games and Activities for Toddlers this Winter

The winter chills have set in, and it’s time to get those woolens out for your kids. This also means that you’ll find them spending more time hanging around the house and indoors. It’s the perfect time to get your little ones involved in some fun indoor activities that they can do themselves or with their friends. This year, you can plan ahead by using our list of indoor game ideas for kids as inspiration to give your child some fun-filled memories of the winters. So, don’t get too worried if it gets cold outside, we’ve got you sorted!

Here goes an exciting list of indoor games & activities for toddlers that will get both you and your kids ready for the winter:

1. Indoor Obstacle Course

Making winter fun is not easy, especially since you need to be bundled in multiple levels of clothing at all times and be wary of activities that could lead to your kid catching a cold or falling ill. Having an indoor obstacle course is one of the simplest activities you can set up easily to keep them set all winter. You can make it more fun by involving your kid in setting up the obstacle course with you. One simple obstacle course could be from their bedroom to the bathroom, kitchen and dining room – A simple daily obstacle that helps them get their breakfast. You could do this once every week and increase the difficulty level as you move ahead.

2. Indoor Camping

Indoor camping is a fun, high-adrenalin activity indoor game for toddlers in which you can involve both your husband and your kid. It’s a chance for the father to show off his tent-making abilities to the child while also getting them to bond and spend some quality father-child time together. Also, who wouldn’t like to have a cozy nook to themselves in these cold winter days? Let your child decide how and where they would like to set it up, and some of the knick-knacks that they would like to keep inside. Not only will they be happy to spend long hours inside their camp, but they will be a fun game to play with friends indoors where he gets to host them when they come over.

3. Use Technology Toys

Nobody enjoys leaving their kids in front of mobile phones or the television set for long. But keeping some time aside where your child gets to explore the magic of new technology can be fun as well as educational. For example, the interactive, mixed-reality toy called Skipy encourages kids to use their imagination and draw creative elements. These creative drawings are then brought to life in interesting animated stories. Wouldn’t it be fun to spend an afternoon with your kid letting their imagination run wild as they draw, and then watching the animated movie together? It’ll surely be a memory that they’ll cherish for life.

4. Daily Dance Routine

While being indoors is cozy and warm, kids are bound to get restless and agitated if they’re not allowed to let off some steam. Let them go crazy by allowing them to create new fun dance routines that everyone needs to perform together as a family. You can mix up the dance routine further by introducing them to new types of music and dance styles. Further, you can add a bit of karaoke too!  


All of us have those warm memories of the winters of our childhood. It’s time to create some fun memories of the winters for your kids too!


If you’re looking for a way to encourage your kids to draw, give Skipy a try.

Skipy is one of the best mixed-reality kid’s sketch set in the market. This fun toy is a must on your list of indoor games and activities for toddlers.

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