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How kids are learning better with augmented reality apps for education?

Did you know that augmented reality games have shown vast benefits in early childhood development? Highly interactive AR games or activities are known to give your child a realistic and lifelike playing experience. In the world of AR, a virtual world is superimposed on the real world just by having a smart device with a camera and the intended AR app or game. These days augmented reality apps for education are gaining immense popularity.

There are classroom apps and self-learning apps to help kids learn their lessons in a better interactive, safe and effective way. Be it pre-schoolers or college goers, everyone is benefited by the cutting-edge technology.

Now, let’s understand how our tiny-tots are benefited by AR technology.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in education?

Education begins at home. With the use of augmented reality, you can instill the self-learning skills at a very early stage of learning and development in your kids right at your home. Learning is made more fun and interactive with the help of AR. There are umpteen numbers of self-learning apps that let your child develop a new interest or deep dive into their existing areas of interest. Let’s discuss the benefits of AR in education.

1. Better learning experience

AR games holds to give our kids an interactive and immersive learning experience. Through AR, learning and playing go hand in hand. AR has the power to inculcate the love for learning in them. They get the first-hand experience of engaging with a realistic and lifelike environment that tends to make them better learners for life.

2. No need for special equipment

These augmented reality apps for kids will work on any PC’s, laptops or even mobile phones. So, this excludes the requirement of special device installation, and thus no extra expenses involved.

3. Improved engagement

We all know our little ones have a really short attention span. It may take days together to teach them a single rhyme. Doesn’t it? This is quite natural. But what if you include some visually interactive games to help them learn the same rhyme. Your child is sure to learn better and faster.

That’s the power of coupling interactive learning methods in education. Learning can be made even more fun with AR technology. Through this technology, the characters and letters can now interact with each other, as well as your kids encouraging them to learn while playing.

The benefits of augmented reality in early childhood learning and development are beyond words. So, let your child make a shift from their traditional toys into the world of AR with this handpicked augmented reality apps for learning listed below:

  1. Math AR apps: Get rid of those lifeless numerical books your child hates to even open. Install the math AR app and see how your little ones play and have fun with numbers and find a new interest with the world of maths.
  2. Alphabet learning AR apps: This app will help your child in identifying and learning the alphabets from the display. This interactive app will display animals related to those alphabets when the answer is correct.
  3. Storytelling AR apps: Make your generic storytelling time more eventful. Use storytelling AR apps that helps in changing our house into palaces, forests and space stations. It also helps to improve your child’s reading capabilities and communication as they interact with the characters in the story.
  4. Language AR apps: Learning a language is one of the major milestones in a child’s development stages. Language learning can be made simple by this app. It helps in translating an unknown language to one you already know, compare and thus learn quickly. It also displays fun and interactive ways of learning a new language easily.

About Skipy

Skipy is another augmented reality app for kids that comes with a package of innovative and intelligent toys for your child that helps them explore their imagination and creativity.

This mixed-reality toy contains a box full of stories, games, greetings and fun facts that encourages your child to draw and learn interesting facts about their creations. Your child can choose from a large variety of stories, characters, and games to sketch and see their artistic creations come to life in the form of stories, fun-facts or games using its mixed-reality technology

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