Augmented Reality Games

The different types of augmented reality games for your kids

Reality beyond reality is the new trend. When the latest technologies shake hands with the traditional toy world, augmented reality games and toys are born. Just like the word suggests, these are toys or games which come to life as we play it. AR games give kids a magical feel of an environment where they can be interactive and explore endless possibilities to improve their analytical skills.

Below are some of the latest and best augmented reality games for our kids.

Festive People AR

Festive People AR helps kids to be creative in decorating spaces for different occasions. The built-in screens, positioned sensors, and the camera help the AR features to create a 3D environment of your house or space. Kids can use their imagination and place the decorative objects anywhere in a room, on the ground, hanging from the ceiling, or sticking to the walls.

Not just that, the objects can be made to interact with each other. Fireworks and snow can also be set. What more, you can take fun photos and short videos with your kids of these decorations and share it with the world!

Narrator AR

Narrator AR is one of the best augmented reality apps for education. It helps to enhance pre-school writing. There are two lovely characters Bimbi (a unicorn) and Klugger (a rocket). Kids need to write letters and make words in the app. This game helps in improving the hand-eye coordination of your child.

Once they complete writing, help them take a printout of the word along with QR code and scan these to enable the AR features. Now comes the magic! Bimbi and Klugger will make the scanned word come into reality using amazing graphics and sound. You are sure to see your child jump off their feet with excitement and joy!

AR Soccer

AR Soccer is a mobile game where your child can play virtual soccer-ball juggling simply with your iPhone camera. They have to kick, juggle and make maximum goals they can. All your kids have do is to point the camera of the device towards their leg and kick.

This game can help you train your kids to balance the balls even in a limited space. They can either play in arcade mode and beat their past high scores or play in Free Play mode to keep it kicking!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the most downloaded and best AR apps for kids so far. It set out a completely new style in the gaming world. Not just kids, but adults also could not resist the fun in this game. Kids have to detect pokemon hidden in the real world using any digital device.

Identify and collect as many pokemon and start walking as they are one. There are leagues and gatherings to collect more pokemon. This game helps in being with the surroundings instead of tearing you away!  


Skipy is one of the best augmented reality games for kids. It comes with a package of innovative and intelligent toys for your child that helps them explore their imagination and creativity. This mixed-reality toy contains a box full of stories, games, greetings and fun facts that encourages your child to draw and learn interesting facts about their creations.

Your child can choose from a large variety of stories, characters, and games to sketch. The Skipy App will guide your child to draw the object or character with step by step instructions that are extremely easy to follow.  Next, the device will scan their creation and using its mixed-reality technology, it will bring their artistic creations to life in the form of stories, fun-facts or games.


Toys and games blended with augmented reality have proven to educate our kids in the most fun way possible. This technology has enhanced the scope of generic playtime into high-tech 3-dimensional learning and interactive experiences for our kids.

From video games to tech companies and now, augmented reality technology has captured the world of toys and games. Let’s wait to see what it takes over next.

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