Learn through play

Encouraging your Child to Learn Through Play

‘Me’ time for kids

Children are often treated as little beings that have no right to assert opinions and actions on their surroundings. Constantly regulated by adults, children hardly get time and scope to create rules or a world separate from adult rights and wrongs.

The one time they truly get, when they can just BE, is while playing. Every child plays differently. Some like to play quietly on their own in a corner and some play in groups, some role-play and some play sports, some create things and some read and write. Whichever way they play, every child learns in abundance.

Playing puts our minds to work

Kids face problems during play that only they can foresee, solve, or even create. They learn words that express those problems. They learn to work with others with activity toys. They learn to be quicker and sharper physically and mentally. They learn to be resourceful, creative, mindful, curious and solution-oriented. They then try out the solutions patiently even when they fail during the execution a few times.

Self-tests are the best tests

While playing, children throw themselves in new situations every time, willingly. Games and instructional toys, whether physical or virtual, give children a safe environment that carries no judgment against them. They are free to imagine stories and their version of the world that helps them understand the real one. That’s why, for children, imagination is so important.

Interacting with the world

Skipy, an educational toy, strives to do just that. It tells stories and lets children add their own parts to the stories too. These stories become interactive games. The child interacts with the stories or ‘deals’ with them the way he or she understands and deals with the real world.

Playing helps create worlds as much as it helps in the understanding concepts of the real one.

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